Friday, September 24, 2010

A few quiz and review sites

This PurposeGames site is neat -- you can play simple pushbutton games like Timeline of Ancient Mesopotamia and Map of the Fertile Crescent.

Aidan is big into online jigsaw puzzles, and we found this puzzle site where you can create your own.  

While we are talking about it, here are some Art Jigsaw Puzzles

And Garden of Praise has some online puzzles for Bible stories, art, and biographies of famous people. 

Speaking of the Bible, here is a nice site:  Genesis to Jesus, How a Catholic Reads the Bible

Here are a few more quiz and flashcard-making sites:

Basically, I look for ways to repeat things in an easy, somewhat motivating, and non-pressure way.   I find my kids generally need a way to interact with content -- they aren't too much into crafts and that kind of thing; so we do arts and crafts separately from learning content because it doesn't really sink in that way. 

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